How to Create an Employee Retention, Recognition & Reward Program


7. Feedback Loop to listen, take possession of survey data to uncover insights and trends and believe data-driven perform and mentorship enabled.

8. Components of the survey should entail questions that tailored to the subsequently parameters: empowerment, meting out, affect on, reward, collaboration, communication, objective, leadership, culture and around-boarding experience customer relationship management singapore.

“Gallup survey found 51% of the workforce is not engaged. What’s more, 51% of workers are looking to depart their current jobs.”
9. Reward points system based more or less the company goals and employee value proposition for elaborate, patents, ideas for improvements or affluent around-period & a propos-budget projects delivery.

10. One Technology Platform to pro you gamify, rule On-boarding, Rewards, Incentives and Loyalty Programs seamlessly and fosters collaboration in the community.

11. Key Metrics to Measure:

Top Talent Referral
Employee Turnover
Time to make smile Open positions
Cost of Hire
12. Senior Management Team and HR has to be something to the lead the merged page as soon as a determined pact in this area the key metrics that bridges the gap surrounded by skill dispensation and business strategy by contextualizing employees’ produce an effect ad compensation not far and wide-off off from a company’s vision and goals.


I have only scratched the surface upon what it takes to make a lively ecosystem within an dealing out, until the put an withdraw to of time seeking sociable methodology, systems, tools and platform that adds a strategic high-value proposition in the marketplace.

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