Exactly what is the high temperature pump?

We literally compare the heat pump to a refrigerator. When we think of a temperature pump we can think of a system that has a cold aspect and a warm part like a refrigerator.

As a refrigerator extracts the warmth inside it and launches it backwards (the dark coil called the condenser), the heat pumps remove heat from the drinking water, soil or air and place it at home.

The heat pump’s magic to transfer heat from one side to another is based on the special properties of the chemicals present in the system. These refrigerants take temperature by evaporation and give it through condensation at low or ambient conditions.

The refrigeration cycle is very simple to make clear. It is in a refrigeration cycle that part of the refill is in the liquid condition and the part with the gaseous state as we see in a gas lighter.

The process commences when the automotive compressor commences to compress the gaseous refrigerant into a heat exchanger with air or water. This move can simply be a pipe like the refrigerator.

Compressed refrigerators increase their temperature if the refrigerant can yield heat to the outside mainly because it condenses on the wall of the heat exchanger and goes into the chemical phase. check out here: pompa de caldura

This liquid is pushed by the gas coming out of the compressor to a very small hole through which it passes in the liquid form, here is the most interesting happening.

After the liquid moves through the orifice, the downstream pressure of the liquid is very low compared to the one before, and the refrigerant commences to vaporize with ambient heat absorption until it finally becomes gas and enters the converter.

The refrigeration cycle was resurfacing.

Today the temperature pump is one of the most advanced and green heating systems on the marketplace.